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About Globus Renewable


Globus Renewable was founded, to serve as the new business ideas within the industrial sectors of renewable energy, with the goal to develop and improve the capacity of the sustainable energy market.


This philosophy is simple. We work in partnership with strategic partners and with a variety of stakeholders to build wind and solar energy plants that are cost-effective and truly sustainable.


Globus Renewable values local and regional partnerships with engineering, procurement and construction companies (EPCs), independent developers, manufacturers and construction management companies, along with other local industries to build utility-scale wind, solar photovoltaic and solar thermal electric power projects.


Globus Renewable does not only deliver clean energy, but brings real jobs and real economic opportunity to communities.


Our approach is always to ask “What can we do to make it better?”


Our success comes from our strategy in aiming for better performing, safer and more sustainable renewable energy.


It is our mission to be a leader in and to play a key role in caring for the environment, and contributing to its ecological progress through our sustainable energy projects. We feel passionate about building affordable and truly sustainable power facilities that deliver economic development and clean, predictable power.


Globus Renewable is always looking for new developments across Europe with a view to becoming owners of wind farms and solar farms along with sub-contractors.


Our core business is to become owners of energy parks, to develop, build and operate renewable energy plants, and to do this globally in the future.


It is our forward thinking that sets us apart. Our vision of sustainable and renewable energy for the future, our passion, our entrepreneurial spirit and most of all, our commitment to partnership,

In addition to the above we are always looking for turnkey developments.
Globus Renewable is an independent power company that is developing and progressing rapidly. We are confident that we will in the future, build, operate and own large-scale wind and solar power plants worldwide.
With three wind farms already scheduled to begin construction in 2010, Globus Renewable is about to change the way people think about wind and solar as the preeminent renewable energy source for our 21st century.


Globus Renewable’s diverse team of power and technology experts have the project development know-how,  technical understanding, financial expertise and the policy understanding to successfully execute all stages of the project lifecycle of utility scale solar-thermal power plants. Our team, comprised of business and finance leaders, project development experts, engineers, and policy experts, are all working together to provide a broad range of skills and abilities needed to successfully develop these utility-scale solar power plants around the world.


We are great believers in teamwork and in building a learning organisation with open communications, sharing knowledge, technologies and most importantly performance through the best practices possible.


Our policy here at Globus Renewable is always to put safety, and reliability to the top of our list of priorities and we therefore always remember that an energy system is safe if it safely supplies energy services to the end user; secure if it resists malevolently caused disruptions; reliable if it maintains delivery when/where needed; sustainable if it matches resources with mission needs; and cost effective if it delivers energy services at the lowest predictable cost.


Our website introduces you to our company, our team, our developments so far and our hopes and plans for the future.  After visiting the site we are sure you will become as enthusiastic and passionate as we are.



Kjartan Berg

Globus Renewable




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